Author's Journey

I was recently invited by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators to write an author’s article in their quarterly periodical. It was an honor to be selected out of the thousands of…

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Diana NadeauComment
What is Meditation?

Meditation can be considered a solitary practice necessitating isolation from the rest of the world. For those of us who are not mastered yogis in the retreats of sacred meditation caves, we need to take the time to understand how meditation works within the circumstances of our current world. Completely controlled environments which are conducive to…

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Empowering Men

Just yesterday, I was stopped by a man as I was getting into my car at the post office after having retrieved our family's mail. He was a little scruffy around the edges, an older man, driving a pick-up truck that made me believe he was possibly a farmer. He said, “Excuse me, are you listening to Kavanagh's statement? It's live right now on NPR…”

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