Mediation Defined

Mediation is a specialized form of conflict resolution for disputing parties. It encompasses clear communications, a good-faith commitment for resolution, and respectful negotiations. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which parties navigate their own final agreement. Parties who are at risk of litigation often choose to mediate in order to diminish the time, money, and stress it takes to go the legal route. A mediator takes the role of communications assistant and does not determine guilt nor any points on the final agreement. Mediators are highly trained in the art of conflict resolution, following an organized system for unraveling difficult issues. Because we act as guides on the path to reaching peaceful settlements, parties create their own mutually-agreeable resolution, which is not legally binding unless specified by all parties involved.

My Approach

My approach to dispute resolution lies in my strong belief that no one is wholly right or wholly wrong. I believe that there is validity to each person's perspective, primarily because their views stem from an experience that is unique to them. I do not presume to know what any of my clients have experienced, and thus bring a level of curiosity and understanding to everyone involved. Approaching mediation from this angle allows my clients to feel heard, respected, and ready to move forward with a willingness to resolve their issues. I am trained to assist communications between disputing parties to the extent that they have a chance to practice hearing and validating one another.


With over 100 hrs of mediation training, I have worked in private practice and community mediation services since 2016. I have taught Tibetan Meditation since 2012 and currently implement its benefits in my work as a mediator. In 2018, I led a workshop for the Oregon Mediation Association's annual conference, focusing on the benefits of meditation within the field of conflict resolution. I have worked with children and their families since 2006, as a an award-winning children's book author, a K-8 private school teacher, and a co-counselor in a bereavement program for kids and their adults. I have a BA from the University of NH, and have had over ten years of intensive study and training in Tibetan Meditation. Through my experience and training, I have fostered a neutral and understanding life-view. My professional background has afforded me the ability to face conflicts without fear through my enthusiasm for creative problem solving.

Being of service to families,
teens, elders, businesses, and community members is truly inspiring.
I wish more people knew about the
benefits of mediation.
— Diana