Mediation Defined

Mediation is a professional service for resolving conflicts both big and small. As a viable alternative to law suits, mediation offers clients a chance to control the outcome of their own final agreement rather than leave the decisions up to someone else. Mediation saves time and money, taking approximately 1-2 months and at least 1/4 the cost to settle. With only one point of communication between the mediator and clients, the extra levels of confusing, back-and-forth communications that take place with lawyers in court cases is eliminated. Mediation is absolutely confidential and 100% voluntary. It is entirely a more friendly way to go!

The Mediator

Diana believes that no one is wholly right and no one is wholly wrong. She holds that there is validity to each person's perspective and that their views stem from an experience unique to them. She does not presume to know what any clients have experienced, and thus brings a level of curiosity to the situation. Diana keeps the communications on track and moving forward, and through creativity, helps clients shape a mutually agreeable and lasting resolution.


With over 100 hrs of mediation training, Diana has worked in private practice and community mediation services since 2016. She has a BA from the University of NH, and over ten years of intensive study and training in traditional Tibetan Meditation. Diana has taught Tibetan Meditation since 2012 and currently implements its benefits in her work as a mediator. In 2018, Diana presented a seminar at Oregon Mediation Association's annual conference, focusing on the benefits of Tibetan Meditation within the field of conflict resolution.

Resolve, and thou art free.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow