About Diana

It’s important to me to give children the benefit of the doubt when I write my books. I aim for the heart and subtly weave messages of courage and strength into my stories. My books wend their ways through indigenous cultures where honoring and nurturing children's innate abilities is integral to life. My characters reflect back to young readers their wonderful qualities which are true to the nature of all humans regardless of age, background, or upbringing.

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My stories capture and engage children of all ages, opening the door to an inner world where innate knowing awaits them, allowing for possibilities to unfold.

My life work encompasses several realms

Writing - My messages help to highlight my readers' unique and personal expression. My style is to weave into my stories clear yet subtle messages about the importance of allowing life’s twists and turns to inspire internal growth and movement.

Meditation - With over ten years of extensive training in Tibetan Meditation, I received permission from my root teacher to offer beginning, middling, and advanced-beginner classes. Teaching since 2012, my style is light, fun, and direct. It’s most important to me to provide a respectful and safe environment for students to quiet their minds so that they may navigate an authentic and fulfilling path in life. My greatest goal as a meditation instructor is to lay the groundwork for students to create and foster a strong at-home practice.

Professional Services - Relationship Coaching and Conflict Resolution - I offer life coaching as it correlates to relationships for family, work, communities, and couples. My hope is always to springboard clients into freeing themselves from the binds of habitual patterns which lie at the root of conflict. I am certified as a Mediator, and offer a model for self-reliant and empowered engagement. For in-person appointments, my office is in Eugene, OR. I am also available for long distance appointments via telecommunications. To make an appointment with me, please click here: Contact .