Diana Nadeau
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I believe that genuine, clear, and authentic writing wins the day. With humor and simplicity, my stories help children to recognize and celebrate their own personal expression. Current list includes award-winning books, Pola’s Flower, and Lighting the Earth.


Upcoming events -

~19th annual Authors & Artists Fair, Saturday, December 8, 2018~

If you’re planning on going to Holiday Market this year, make sure to stop by the Atrium for the Authors & Artists Fair. Signed books for sale make the greatest holiday gifts! Come buy hard covers and paperbacks of Diana Lynne Nadeau’s Award-winning Children’s Picture Books, Pola’s Flower and Lighting the Earth.

At the Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, OR, next to Holiday Market hall.

Praise for Pola’s Flower-

“In this beautifully illustrated book, in the mountains of Tibet, Pola, a well-respected painter of Buddhist scrolls encourages and instills virtues like patience and gratitude in his granddaughter. A heart-warming story for ages 8 to 12.” - Skipping Stones Multicultural Literary Magazine Review

“A beautiful, thoughtful, and timely children’s book. Brimming with cultural awareness and providing support for children and families that are dealing with loss.” - Melissa Gomsrud, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Pola’s Flower is a stunning visual, which offers a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry and spiritual heart of Tibetan Buddhism through the eyes of a young Tibetan girl. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing about Tibet’s artistic wealth, its unique wisdom culture, and its peace-loving people.” - Tulku Jigme Rinpoche, Founder and Director of the Palmo Center for Peace and Education

“I recommend this book to other teachers... It kept my students engaged and asking questions.” - Learning Magazine Evaluator E.B., 6th Grade Teacher

“Although I am ninety-six years old, Pola’s Flower  brings me back to my childhood, with memories of my beloved grandpa telling me stories. This book lights a divine light in children’s innocent hearts. If Diana had not had years of intensive training in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, she would not nor could not have ever written such an inspiring and encouraging book.” - Master Alfred Huang, Author of, The Complete I Ching

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praise for lighting the earth-

“There is so much extraordinary beauty packed into Lighting the Earth. Most prominently though, the book beautifully describes how each and every person has a unique purpose in life. Children of all ages will fall in love with the characters and be moved to find their own inner light.” - Green Teacher Magazine

“In my village, in West Africa, it is held that each of us comes into this world with a purpose, a gift to deliver. Children and adults alike will recognize the voice of spirit in these pages as they take this gentle journey into remembering who we are and why we are here.” - Malidoma P. Somé, Author of, The Healing Wisdom of Africa

“Lighting the Earth portrays a loving, trusting relationship between a mother and daughter, one that brings to light in a child-friendly manner, with beautifully-crafted and realistic illustrations, the universal truth that we are all born with a gift and that our purpose in life is to share that gift with the world. Children and adults will surely love this heart-warming book. I highly recommend it for bedtime reading.” - Arun Narayan Toké, Editor, Skipping Stones Magazine

“This book is a springboard for insightful classroom discussion. Lighting the Earth has inspired heartwarming dialogues with my students. I love how Diana captures the special relationship between mother and daughter. ” - Sharon McManus, Teacher of 43 years, Oyster River Schools

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~Palmo Center for Peace & Education~

Educating the heart and mind

I have been involved with the Palmo Center since its inception. Tibetan Buddhist roots, all-inclusive heart. I love its mission, “to build an enlightened community through educating the heart and mind.” Visit them at: www.PalmoCenter.org

~Tsunami Books~

Years of Service to the community

I first walked into Tsunami Books when I moved to Eugene, in 2002. I was totally drawn in by their “grassroots ethos and sense of community,” which “stands at the center of everything they do.” An incredible bookstore, an incredible center of community. Visit them at: www.TsunamiBooks.org

~Mindful Mission~

Healthful Living advocates

The good folks at the Mindful Mission hold the outer environment and inner environment as sacred gifts, and offer resources, products, and guidance on healthful living. I love their kindness and simplicity! Visit them at: