With mastery, Pola prepares Metog-ma for impending and grave losses through his art. Sometimes this entails hard lessons, but, like one of Pola's lotus flowers growing out of the muck and mire, Metog-ma stumbles upon a wealth of inner strength and wisdom.

additional Praise for POLA’S Flower

“With its entrancing and traditional depiction of life in Tibet pre-1959, this story gives children subtle support for dealing with life’s losses, big and little. Its beautiful message of love and compassion is truly inspiring.”

~Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Newsworthy Quarterly

“I was taken away with this memoir-like tale. It took me back to the summer days that I spent following my grandfather, learning about working a farm. I liked both Metog-ma and Pola and teared up several times during the reading. The author truly did a stupendous job bringing out the love these characters have for each other, and I was sobbing by the end of the short book.”

~Online Book Club Review

“What a wonderfully written and stunningly illustrated book! This story tugged at my heartstrings.”

~Trina, Amazon Reviewer

“This story is so good for the soul. It's moving, magnetic, and extremely well-written. With authentic illustrations and expert story telling, Pola's Flower isn't just wonderful for kids and teens, but a must-read for adults, as well!”

~Briana, Amazon Reviewer

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