With simple language and delightful illustrations, Lighting the Earth beautifully addresses universal questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

additional Praise for lighting the earth

“In my village, in West Africa, it is held that each of us comes into this world with a purpose, a gift to deliver.  Children and adults alike will recognize the voice of spirit in these pages as they take this gentle journey into remembering who we are and why we are here.”

 ~Malidoma P. Somé, Author of Healing Wisdom of Africa

“My daughter really enjoyed this book! It was very uplifting! She told me that she enjoyed the message about everyone having a special light in them and that this book made her feel good. I think children of all ages can enjoy "Lighting the Earth" and take away its very special message. Such a lovely, positive book. Thankful to this author for creating such beautiful works for our children.”

~Chris, Amazon Review

“I just loved this book. As a retired elementary educator, I can easily see children embracing this touching story not to mention the valuable discussions following. There are tender moments between mother and child who show great respect for one another . A valuable teaching tool for children of all ages with engaging illustrations to capture their interest.”

~Catherine, Amazon Review

“This is a beautiful book; I bought it on impulse for a 7 year old friend's birthday without reading it. I just read it and it filled me with light. It is a book every child should have and a story every child should hear and read as young as possible to set him or her on a solid spiritual path.”

~Ann, Amazon Review

“There are a lot of books out there that attempt to do what this one does masterfully; the lesson that happiness is found within. This story isn't something new per se, many books out there attempt to try to explain to us the process of meditation and happiness, but this one gets right to the core of what we need to do.”

~Mary, Amazon Review

“An inspiring story! Encourages every child's inner light to shine, describing in simple language how it feels to be confused about one's identity, and to then recognize and embrace our individual gifts. The mother's love is represented as encouraging and powerful in guiding the girl toward self understanding. The girl's feelings and struggles are taken seriously and examined with loving compassion.”

~Rosemary, Amazon Review

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